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On-the-spot Fines For Breaking New Drone Rules

On-the-spot fines for breaking new drone rules

The Telegraph is reporting today that new on-the-spot fines will be introduced for breaking certain rules when flying drones. There are new measures being considered to require pilots to file flight plans prior to take-off, and already approved fines and prison sentences for anyone flying too close to an airport or above a certain altitude
Licensed CAA drone operators naturally abide by these rules and continually monitor the latest developments and changes in the law. If you are planning to hire a drone operator for your next aerial photography or video project, ensure that they hold the required CAA PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) licence and carry out all the necessary risk assessments and clearances as required by the CAA. Professionals like Captain Drone will look after all of that for you.

Read the full Telegraph article here.

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