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Payment Company Plans To Use Drones To Solve Parcel Fraud

Payment company plans to use drones to solve parcel fraud

Ever sent a parcel to someone, but it never reached them? It could be that you’d fallen foul of parcel fraud, or the item has simply been lost in the post. Then you have to go through a lengthy process of claiming the cost of the postage back, as well as the value of the item itself (but only if you had the package insured in the first place!)

Well, payments company Worldpay think they’ve come up with the solution – a drone-based delivery service that only charges for postage when the item has been delivered. A portable ‘helipad’ doormat will scan the drone when it delivers the parcel to the destination address, and only then will payment be made.

I think it will take a while for this technology to reach rural Dorset, but it is exciting nonetheless!

Read the full article on the Telegraph website.

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