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Private Residence Near Beaminster

Private residence near Beaminster

The owners of this beautiful lake-side property in West Dorset wanted some aerial photos of their house and lake. They were delighted with these, which are a selection from the final portfolio….

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  1. Dear Captain Drone – You have an impressive web site! I live in Beaminster in a very ordinary but cosy Fry House in School House Close. As an amateur artist I would very much like to paint my house and garden as from above, very difficult perspective but much easier if I have a photo. My very small garden has been a treat this summer and is still quite colourful so I would love to catch that. Such a small job for you but maybe could be fitted in with something else. Apart from the art photo I would be happy to have a Christmas present out of it as well.
    Would you be willing to take on something so small – I am quite good at advertising such initiatives to my friends who might becomes interested in the idea!
    Sally Inchbald (01308) 8629556
    It might be a present for someone in this house so email contact only please at this stage!

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