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Geoff Goy - Captain Drone

I hold a CAA PfCO (permission for commercial operations) licence and a CAA A2 CofC Certificate, adhering to a number of strict rules set out by the CAA, including:

  • Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) rules stipulating that the person in charge of a small unmanned aircraft must maintain direct, unaided visual contact with the aircraft sufficient to monitor its flight path in relation to other aircraft, persons, vehicles, vessels and structures for the purpose of avoiding collisions.
  • With one or two exceptions a drone must not be flown within 50 m of anyone not involved in the operation, and no higher than 400 ft above ground level,
  • Strict controls must be put in place so that footage or photographs do not breach data protection rules.

Hi there, I’m Geoff Goy, owner of Captain Drone

I spent 30 years as a private pilot, but the urge to fly is still strong! I am licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority to operate a UAS (Unmanned Aerial System), otherwise know as an RPAS (Remotely Piloted Air System) for commercial purposes. I love flying drones and introducing local businesses and people to the opportunities they can provide. I am friendly, knowledgeable and have a highly professional manner.

My business, Captain Drone, was set up to combine my love of flying and photography / videography. I hold a CAA PfCO (permission for commercial operations) licence and a CAA A2 CofC Certificate and understand in depth the rules and regulations to which a drone operator must adhere. Through evolving layers of technology now available, I am able to offer my services not just in the traditional photography and videography sense, but can expand my services to 3D modelling, assisting in property surveying and commercial property marketing.

I have always loved flying and, in 1981, I qualified for a single engine fixed wing Civil Aviation Authority Private Pilot’s Licence. I have lived in France, London and Dorset, and travelled around the world in 2014 photographing and videoing wildlife and urban and natural wonders. I understand what makes beautiful footage and captivating images.


Here’s a quick showreel of a small selection of the work I’ve done so far.

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