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I am constantly applying my drone to new applications, so please check this page regularly…

Hooke House - Aerial Property Photography

Aerial Property Photography

For estate agents, aerial photos and videos can capture the scale of the property, land, gardens and surroundings – not possible with ground-based photography.

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Aerial marketing photography - capture your business within its surroundings

Aerial Marketing Photography

Is your business in a particularly beautiful location? Do you have a large site which is difficult to capture in one photograph? Want to make a lasting impression with images on your website, social media and print marketing? Aerial marketing photography might well be the solution for you.

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2018 Melplash Show - event photography by Captain Drone

Event Marketing

Organising a large outdoor event? Want to promote it with great photography and video footage for years to come? I can fly my drone within a safe distance of crowds and buildings to capture the scene from the air, a truly unique perspective on your next concert, festival, agricultural show or any other large event.

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Building Inspections and Surveys

Inspections and Surveys

Using a drone offers a very cost effective, quick solution for UAV aerial building surveys compared to more expensive traditional methods of scaffolding, platforms, steeplejacks or hiring a cherry picker.

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Hive Beach aerial photography by Captain Drone

TV and Film

Most TV and film footage now features some drone filming and this is increasing. Drones are lighter and more sophisticated, so aerial filming no longer has to involve expensive helicopter film crews and static cranes.

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