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2018 Melplash Show - event photography by Captain Drone

Organising a large outdoor event? Want to promote it with great photography and video footage for years to come?

I can fly my drone within a safe distance of crowds and buildings to capture the scene from the air, a truly unique perspective on your next concert, festival, agricultural show or any other large event.

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My drone captures high-resolution still photographs and 4K video footage, so that every detail is preserved. Resulting images can be used in print publications, and the aerial video footage is the perfect way to start or end a promotional video for your event.

In August 2018, I worked with the Melplash Show in Bridport, Dorset, to fly alongside the show ground, capturing amazing views of the crowds, the trade stands and the main ring, with the beautiful setting of West Bay in the background. On this page is a short video I edited after the show, and this footage will be used to promote the 2019 Melplash Show, which will happen on 22nd August 2019.

In November 2018, I was asked by Symondsbury Estate to capture the creation of the River of Poppies on local landmark Colmer’s Hill, installed for the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War. You can read more about this work in the dedicated case study.

I was recently approached by the West Bay Discovery Centre to provide them with some aerial shots of West Bay that they could use in a new interactive display at their Discovery Centre. Following the heavy snowfall on February 1st, the weather cleared and I was able to take these shots on Sunday 3rd.

The alternative would be to book time in a helicopter, which is extremely expensive and relies on you hiring a photographer or taking the pictures yourself. Also, a low-flying helicopter might intrude on people’s enjoyment of an event.

Using the latest professional Adobe and DaVinci software, professional editing services can include colour correction and colour grading services tailored to the client’s requirements.

West Bay Discovery Centre Aerial Photography

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