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Building Inspections and Surveys

Using a drone offers a very cost effective, quick solution for UAV aerial building surveys compared to more expensive traditional methods of scaffolding, platforms, steeplejacks or hiring a cherry picker.

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No one leaves the ground so the client does not have to worry about the HSE – “Working at Height” health and safety regulations. This is very useful if the roof or structure is unsound or has difficult or complex access. High level aerial surveys can be carried out from ground level to 400ft.

The client can monitor the video on the ground in real time as the drone flies, knowing they are getting the exact images they are looking for.

Clients will have access to their video and images via the cloud or memory stick, enabling them to view on their own laptop, tablet or PC and allowing them to zoom in to inspect brickwork, lightning conductors, stonework, restoration, weather vanes, roof tiles, lead work, asbestos and roof valleys, for full analysis in their own time and in their own office.

CAA flight planning and risk assessment will be commenced prior to arrival on site, to ensure strict safety procedures and the safety of the public at the flight location. It only takes around 15-20 minutes to set up the drone on site for flight.

This rapid deployment will minimise any potential disruption to residents or staff, with no damage to property or surroundings.

Solar Farm inspection by Captain Drone
An example of a solar farm aerial inspection

Steeplejacks and Abseiling

Drones will never replace the skills of a steeplejack or an industrial climber scaling buildings to carry out repairs or maintenance, but drones are now becoming recognised as the first point of inspection and an efficient method to access difficult-to-reach areas for various industrial applications.

Drone images and video can help inspect, analyse and review, before committing to the expense of erecting scaffolding, hiring cranes or deploying suspended access cradles.

Drone inspection can save hours for skilled climbers, pinpointing and allowing them to set priorities and a timetable for planned or urgent maintenance.

Latest Inspection and Survey Case Studies

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