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Hive Beach aerial photography by Captain Drone

Most TV and film footage now features some drone filming and this is increasing. The BBC nature series Planet Earth II, with Sir David Attenborough, has used the latest in camera technology to capture some amazing footage using drones.

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Drones are lighter and more sophisticated, so aerial filming no longer has to involve expensive helicopter film crews and static cranes.

Drones are quieter, safer and cheaper than manned aircraft and let filmmakers get much closer to the action. Environmental impact is greatly reduced compared to using manned aircraft, as the battery in a drone requires virtually zero carbon emissions to recharge, and produces no emissions in flight.

Production companies are increasingly using drones to get those shots that require dramatic panoramas, adrenalin-filled action sequences, 360° views of subjects or birds’ eye views. No other filming method can go from ground level to 400ft with a perfectly smooth 180° rising panorama in one uncut shot.

Drones are now getting shots that a few years ago would have been impossible or very expensive.

Working with the director and actors, drones can be programmed to fly and repeat complex manoeuvres so they are the same every time. This proves invaluable in rehearsals for actors hitting their marks and timing walks when being filmed from above.

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